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The WordPress Admin Customizer - only $16!

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If you're a WordPress user, you know how powerful and flexible the open-source CMS can be. You can pretty much build and maintain any site imaginable with it. But you also know that the WordPress admin is... well, a bit unwieldy. Yeah, there's a lot going on.

With the DevPress Dashboard, however, you'll never have admin sensory overload again. A WordPress Plugin, DP Dashboard lets you streamline your admin to create a far less overwhelming experience for WordPress users.

DP Dashboard Highlights:

  • Cleaner and Easier Admin
    DP Dashboard basically cleans up the WP admin to make using it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a WordPress Pro, this customized admin will let you work faster with fewer distractions.
  • Regular Updates
    WordPress itself is constantly being updated with new features, security patches or bug fixes. Not to worry! DP Dashboard offers fabulous support with frequent updates to coincide with WordPress' updates.
  • Completely Customizable
    If you want to really take control of the DP Dashboard, just tinker with the custom CSS option to override the basic code. WordPress veterans can really make the admin their own or brand it for various clients.
  • Fewer Misclicks
    The standard WordPress admin features tons of tiny links so they can cram as many options onto one screen as possible. That means users are often misclicking links and going to pages and sections they didn't want. DP Dashboard, on the other hand, features much bigger everything, toning down the number of misclicks.
  • Browser Compatible
    DP Dashboard works with the most popular current browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9 and 10 (IE7 and IE8 are not supported).


With your purchase of DP Dashboard, you'll also get a 1-year membership on, which includes access to exclusive WordPress themes, as well as anything new release in the next 12 months.

Live Demo:

Still not convinced DevPress will make managing your WordPress site loads easier? Take it for a test drive then! Try out the DevPress Demo and see for yourself. Login using "demo" as the username and password.

Live Demo

What Others Are Saying:

"WOW, just WOW!!!!!! You would never in a month of Sundays think that was the WordPress admin, especially with the Hunter design!" - Mark McWilliams

"This is one of the most beautifully-designed admin themes I've seen in a  long time. It makes the clutter of the admin seem much more freeing. I  don't know if it was just refreshing to see something new or if it's  just that damn nice, but I'm a fan." - Justin Tadlock

"Just installed and tried the plugin. Yes, it makes most tasks easier and  reduces the chance for mis-clicks ( I often click the wrong stuff in  the panel). And it's pleasing for the eye. Definitely looks modern and  contemporary compared to the default interface." - Galin Simeonov


DP Dashboard normally sells for $40, but for a limited time only, you can get this powerful WordPress Plugin for just $16! That's 60% off the regular price!


Alternate Dashboard Theme:

Deal terms:
  • You will receive the plugin as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Support, bonus releases, and updates for one full year are included with every purchase.
  • Your name and email address will be supplied to DevPress for the purpose of setting up your account for updates, support, themes and new releases.
  • Your account will be set up within two weeks of your purchase.
  • DP Dashboard is licensed under GPL. You may use it on unlimited domains.
Deal expired

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