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Dev7studios WordPress Plugin Bundle - only $27!

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So you've got loads of clients working off of WordPress websites. The flexibility and high customization of the open source platform makes it perfect for developers. With so many pre-built WordPress plugins out there, there's virtually nothing you can't do! If you're looking to offer a lot more features in a simple way, then this bundle is a developer's best friend!

From Dev7studios, this WordPress Plugin Bundle features 5 of their most popular plugins: Nivo Slider, Showcase, carouFredSel, Closed Beta, and Custom Emails. With this collection, you can easily set up gorgeous sliders, image galleries, and carousels, convert any WordPress site into a closed beta site, and control how emails are sent out from your site. Best of all, this fantastic WP Plugin bundle is yours for a limited time at up to 61% off the regular price!

Nivo Slider:


  • Stunning Transitions
    Beautiful images should be displayed in a beautiful way, right? They don't come much more striking than the Nivo Slider, and with it, your gallery of images will be displayed with breathtaking transition effects like slicking, sliding, fading, folding, and more!
  • Highly Customizable
    While the Nivo Slider is perfect to use just the way it is, you may want to alter its size, shape, look, or feel to better match your site. Use the slew of settings to easily make changes, or even alter the style with CSS.
  • Responsive Design
    Your users don't just visit your site from the comforts of their desktop. Many get there through their smartphones, tablets, laptops and tons of other devices. With a responsive setup, the Nivo Slider will work on any of these devices!
  • Simple to Setup and Use
    Besides it being a piece of cake to add to your site, the Nivo Slider couldn't be simpler to use! You can easily create and manage multiple sliders on all of your WordPress sites. 
  • Multiple Slider Types
    When it comes to sliders, or at least the Nivo Slider, you have a number of options! You can manually upload and order all of your images with the Manual Sliders. There's also category & sticky sliders where posted thumbnails from a category or sticky posts become the slider images. Finally, you can simply choose a gallery slider where gallery images from a specific post are what's used as the images within your slider. 
  • Auto Cropping
    Think it's a pain to use image sliders what with all the cropping and resizing you'll need to do to make them fit properly? Think again! The Nivo Slider automatically crops and resizes your images to whatever size you specify!
  • Beautiful Slider Themes
    You don't just get one look with the Nivo Slider. Uh uh. This incredible WordPress plugin comes with a built-in theme chooser to let you pick and choose from the awesome collection of pre-built themes that are included!

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  • Gorgeous Galleries
    WordPress has a built-in image gallery but it's, well, less than stellar. It gets the job done, sure, but it's pretty darn boring. Showcase, on the other hand does a brilliant job of redefining the image gallery. The entire process of uploading, ordering, and even editing is majorly simplified, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful lightbox slideshow!
  • Multiple Themes
    Using the incredible jQuery Colorbox plugin for the lightbox slideshow, Showcase is ready to roll the second it's installed. Just pick the theme you'd like to go with or if you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even play around with the CSS until you've got the perfect theme for your site.
  • Simple to Use
    You want a simple plugin? You got it! With Showcase, you can easily upload images and use a highly intuitive drag-and-drop feature to re-order any images to your satisfaction. You can also add in captions, links, and even alt tags to all of your images with ease! Oh, and did we forget to mention there's also 500px, Flickr and Instagram integration built in? Well, there is!
  • Unlimited Galleries
    Showcase is incredibly flexible. You can create as many gorgeous galleries as you'd like, each with unlimited images.
  • Media Manager Plus Compatible
    If you really want to automate things, you can integrate Showcase with the free Media Manager Plus WordPress plugin. This nifty tool will automatically pull your images from Instagram, Flicker, etc., based on all sorts of keywords or criteria!

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  • Powerful jQuery Plugin for WordPress
    The incredible carouFredSel jQuery plugin now integrates seamlessly into WordPress as a WP plugin. Now you can easily whip up and manage unlimited image carousels all from within your WordPress site.
  • Simple to Use
    The carouFredSel WP plugin makes carousel creation and customization a breeze! You can easily upload your images, drag and drop them to alter the order, and even add captions if you'd like.
  • Highly Customizable
    Run carouFredSel in three different configuration modes: Basic, Advanced, and Super User. Choose from a number of built-in layout styles to keep things real simple, or dive in to edit the configuration any way you'd like for complete control.
  • Automatically Pull-In Images from Social Networks
    If you really want to automate things, you can integrate Showcase with the free Media Manager Plus WordPress plugin. This nifty tool will automatically pull your images from Instagram, Flicker, etc., based on all sorts of keywords or criteria!
  • Robust Feature Set
    Besides the incredible image carousel itself, this plugin includes a number of great all-around features. Built right into carouFredSel are things like auto-updates, a beautiful lightbox, role management, custom CSS input, and loads of hooks and filters for total flexibility and customization.

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Closed Beta:


  • Turn Your Site into a Closed Beta
    Sometimes you want to let a set number of users test out your site before fully launching. This "Closed Beta" gives you the opportunity to find and fix bugs as well as get initial feedback. With the Closed Beta WordPress plugin, you can easily turn your entire site into a Closed Beta one, only allowing in users based on a pre-set criteria.
  • Approval System for Users
    Closed Beta's built-in user approval system lets you have complete control over who can access your beta site or not. Those you approve can dive in and see your fully functional site, whereas those who were denied access will instead be served up a Closed Beta splash page with whatever information you'd like to share.
  • Customized Landing Page
    For users you deny or those who are logged out, you can create a completely unique landing page. Besides sharing relevant information such as potential launch date of your site, you can also choose to show a built-in signup form for users to request access to your beta site.
  • Additional Resources
    Worried that beta users may share links to your hidden site? Even if it's accidental or automated, plenty of feeds and trackbacks can point to your beta, resulting in frustrated users and potentially angry search engines. Not to worry, though, because Closed Beta includes a number of powerful features to block feeds, trackbacks, and even XMLRPC. There's an advanced developer template customization with a variety of powerful custom action and filters, as well as auto-updates.

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Custom Emails:


  • Manage Site Emails in WordPress
    With the Custom Emails WordPress plugin, you can take complete control over how all your regular emails are sent out through your site. Customize a variety of aspects including changing the email sender's name, using gorgeous HTML email templates, and even sending your emails through a third party email service such as Amazon SES or Postmark.
  • Send Gorgeous HTML Emails
    Custom Emails comes with a beautiful collection of HTML templates to add a sense of professionalism to your WordPress site. Even simple email notifications like password resets will look much more impressive!
  • Easy Integration with Email Services
    In addition to controlling emails you send straight from WordPress, the Custom Emails plugin can also integrate into other email services. Easily hook into third party offerings like Amazon SES and Postmark for complete control. 
  • Loads More Powerful Resources
    Custom Emails supplies some powerful and robust tools for controlling how emails are sent through your WordPress website, but there's more! Built in to this fantastic resource are a number of helpful tools such as auto-updates, complete customization for developers, total flexibility through hooks and filters, and more!

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The Single site license for this incredible collection of WordPress plugins would normally cost you $69, but for a limited time only, you can get the Single site license for all 5 WP plugins from Dev7studios for only $27! That's more than 60% off the regular price! OR, if you'd to use these plugins on unlimited websites, you can get the Developer license for just $97 instead of the regular price of $239!

Click BUY NOW to choose your preferred license and plug in to huge potential for your WordPress site!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register and redeem at the Dev7Studios website, to obtain instant downloads of the plugins.
  • These are all WordPress plugins which require WordPress 3.5 or later. Your webserver must also be running PHP 5.2 or later.
  • The plugins may be used for commercial or personal projects, for both your own and your clients' websites.
  • The Single license allows you to install each plugin on one website only. Each of the 5 plugins may be installed on different websites, however, each plugin may only be installed once.
  • The Developer license allows you to use all of the plugins on unlimited websites.
  • Includes one year of support and automatic updates.
Deal expired

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