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LAST DAY: Contract Template Bundle for Creative Freelancers - only $39!

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When it comes to being a creative freelancer, there are many different types. You can be a graphic designer, writer, Web developer, composer, photographer, you get the picture. So with so many different freelance careers, why would you use the same generic freelance contract as everyone else?

If you're a creative freelancer, you need to protect yourself. Your time, effort and even reputation are all very valuable and if you're not careful, your clients could end up walking all over you. That's why this Contract Template Bundle for Creative Freelancers from Contract Mint is so essential. With 8 targeted contract templates, you can create the perfect contract to suit your exact needs. Ensure you get paid on time. Stop chasing payments. Get paid for revisions. Remove yourself from unnecessary blame. It's all been taken care of for you and what's more, this collection of 8 contract templates for creative freelancers is yours for more than 85% off the regular price!

Contract Template Bundle Highlights:

  • 8 Targeted Contract Templates
    Just because you're a freelancer doesn't mean you need to use the same generic contract as everyone else. Be as specific as you can to your job by using 1 of these 8 specific contract templates created specifically for creative freelancers. Here's what you'll be getting with this Mighty Deal:
    • Freelance Graphic Designer Contract - Perfect for designing logos or putting together entire branding packages.
    • Freelance Motion Graphics Contract -  Good for motion graphics designers and animators dealing with storyboards, style frames, final animation and more.
    • Freelance Composer Contract - Made for composers putting together custom compositions.
    • Freelance Web Designer Contract - Includes tons of details most Web designers would never even think of such as hosting outages or other technical issues beyond your control.
    • Freelance Writing Contract - No matter what type of writer you are, be sure to include strict revision clauses to prevent any wasted time on your part.
    • Freelance Photography Contract - Great for portrait, wedding and event photographers
    • Freelance Illustration Contract - Perfect for artists and illustrators to help ensure your work is used for exactly what you were paid for.
    • Image Licensing Contract - Great for photographers and illustrators who license out images, being sure to include length of use.
  • Learn From Other Freelancers' Mistakes
    Freelancers don't receive a regular paycheck, so often times they can be taken advantage of. This collection of contract templates was put together to protect you, the creative freelancer. Based on more than 100 horror stories from creative freelancers, these templates cover a wide variety of bases.
  • Protect Yourself
    This contract template bundle will protect you from clients who ask for hundreds of revisions, don't pay on time, cross the line of copyright ownership, etc. With the right contract, you'll now be able to protect your valuable time, receive payment for every revision, get paid on time, and retain copyright ownership of your own ideas. 
  • Get Paid With Every Revision
    When clients aren't 100% clear on what they want from you, that's when headaches can start. First it's just 1 or 2 revisions. Then before you know it, you're on the 10th or 11th version. You deserve to be paid for all that extra work you did. And with these contract templates, you can easily set a limit and get paid for additional revisions.
  • Up-Front Payments
    The biggest way freelancers find themselves burned by a client is just never receiving payment at all. Avoid that headache by getting a firm commitment from your client. Make sure they offer up payment at the start (whatever percentage you feel comfortable with) to show you that they truly do value your time.
  • Stop Chasing Payments
    Nothing's worse than rushing like mad to finish your latest project under ridiculous deadline demands, only to have to wait months and months and months for your payment. These fantastic contract templates set up a wonderful payment structure for you, pointing out that you need to receive final payment before you submit any final files. Additionally, you can even charge extra fees for every week your invoice isn't paid on time!
  • Protect Your Valuable Time
    Ever receive a client's assets just a few hours before your deadline, despite the fact you agreed on things weeks ago? That's not fair to you, so make sure you protect your time by including various deadlines for both sides in your contract.
  • Collect Cancellation Fees
    Just because your client cancels a project on you doesn't mean you aren't entitled to getting paid. Nobody wants to work for free! Besides, when you sign a contract with a client, that means you're turning other clients away. A Cancellation Fee helps protect you in those instances.

Download Some Sample Contract Pages:

Freelance Illustration Contract
Freelance Graphic Design Contract
Freelance Web Design Contract


"The Freelance Motion Graphics Contract really makes it clear to the client that there are many steps to a finished animation. From style frames and storyboards to finished animation…this contract protects your time and makes sure you get paid during each step of the project. Thanks again!" - Mark White

"Every client I’ve had wanted revision after revision. Since I purchased and started using The Freelance Graphic Design Contract I’ve been able to limit my revisions with clients. I’ve actually started making more money from clients because the contract asks for more fees with each additional revision. Thanks again!" - Heather Contreau

"I use The Freelance Writing Contract on every writing project I work on. I’ve actually received compliments from my clients on my contract. Thank you Contract Mint!" -Jennifer Saville

"I would have given away all my the rights if I stuck with the free template I downloaded." - Samantha Wright

"Before I started using The Freelance Illustration Contract by Contract Mint I thought because someone hired you to create an illustration, they owned all the rights to it. Wrong! This contract makes me feel like I have a ninja on my side, I’m always protected." -Michelle Brown

"Contract Mint has helped my photography business tremendously. From when I get paid to establishing my image rights. Thanks again!" - Corie Nichelle

"I’ve worked on a project and ended up doing over 3 dozen revisions. With The Freelance Composer Contract I was able to establish how many revisions I would allow before the project started. Another thing I love about this contract is that it is written specifically for Composers. It protects my copyright, time, and insures I will be paid on time. I wish I had this contract when I was starting out!" - Matthew Simms


This Contract Template Bundle normally sells for $312, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get all 8 creative freelancer contracts for just $39! That's a sensational 87% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and start protecting yourself and your business today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All files are delivered in the folllowing formats: Word, Neo Office, PDF and RTF
  • NOTE: Purchasing contract templates by Contract Mint does not create an Attorney-Client relationship between you and Contract Mint or their founders. Contract Mint is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice, opinions or recommendations. If you need legal advice, you should hire an attorney. No user of Contract Mint's contract templates should act, or refrain from acting, on the basis of information included on without first consulting legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.
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