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Screenshot software for efficiency nuts! - only $14!

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Clarify is a new approach to screenshot software for Mac and Windows that makes sure you're understood the first time you send a message. Adding visuals to your communications can save time and money. But a single screenshot sometimes isn't enough, and screen recordings can be time consuming to create and difficult to deliver. 

Clarify is different than traditional screen capture and recording apps. It lets you capture, sequence, and annotate screenshots to create emails, PDFs, and web documents that are a great alternative to screen recordings. Clarify is simple to use and fits seamlessly with your daily workflow of sending emails and posting messages in online apps like Basecamp.

And through this exclusive deal you can get Clarify for over 50% off the normal price of $29.99 - just $14!

Take a look at this short demo video:

So what can Clarify do for you?

  • Create how-to documents: Need to show a client how to change a WordPress setting? Or how to deliver large files to you via a file sharing service? In less time than it would take you to write an instructional email, you can create and deliver a visual step-by-step guide that they'll understand the first time. No follow-up emails asking for more instructions and no confusion!
  • Create your own process documentation: Do you spend a lot of time trying to remember how to perform tasks that you need to complete on a semi-regular basis? Use Clarify to create a visual guide for yourself and save it as a PDF or even insert it into an app like Evernote.
  • Clarify client revision requests: Client requests are often incredibly vague. It takes time to nail down exactly what they want. Use Clarify to create a visual document of changes you are going to make and get them to sign-off on it first.


  • Screen capture: Capture windows and regions or import existing image files. Each capture is automatically sequenced into a document for you.
  • Image editing/annotation: Resize and crop images. Reorder them. Add arrows, boxes, text, highlights, and even blur out sensitive information.
  • Text authoring: Clarify includes an inline text editor so that you can work with images and text in the same application.
  • Simple sharing: Share your document via email, PDF, or online via Dropbox or the free sharing service. You can also paste Clarify content into applications like Evernote, Word, or Pages.

Take a step-by-step tour

Clarify has been getting some great reviews in the press:

  • Macworld gave it four out of five mice and picked it as a Mac Gem
  • MacFormat gave it five stars
  • Best Utility App of 2011 from Time Management Ninja
  • Top 10 Best Mac Apps of 2011 according to Mashable

Still not convinced? Here's some more praise for Clarify:

“I LOVE THE CLARIFY APP. I like it so much, it makes me nostalgiangry (I'm mad it wasn't around when I started my business). :-)” — Ben Chestnut, Cofounder, MailChimp

“Definitely My Best Buy of 2011 — Useful in ways you don't yet know.” — Mac App Store Review

“The App is genius! Just created an instructional document that would have been 6 paragraphs of exposition otherwise. Thank you!” — @mostlymuppet

“LOVE Clarify. Took me 3 minutes to do what would usually take 30 minutes! Clients are happy, which makes me happy!!” — @zolihonig

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a full license for Clarify for either Mac or Windows.
  • License is per user (you can use it on both your desktop and laptop systems, but not on both Windows and Mac)
Deal expired

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