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BuzzBundle: Social Media Manager - 66% off!

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These days, social media has become more than a passing fad. It's become a legitimate form of communication, supplementing and possibly even surpassing traditional marketing efforts. But with so many different networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to name a few) it can be a pretty daunting task trying to keep up with everything. 

If you're using social media to promote your brand or business, you'll want to use different networks, and potentially a number of different accounts at each network. Beyond taking up a ridiculous amount of time logging in and out of all those accounts, it can also turn your brain to mush. Luckily, your brain is safe thanks to BuzzBundle! This fantastic social media management tool will give you the biggest outreach efforts, and even better, you can save 66% if you act now!

BuzzBundle Highlights: 

  • Create Multiple Personas
    Wherever you want to communicate on the Web, you can use BuzzBundle to easily create and store different people you want represented. That can include yourself, your company's PR representative, your CEO, customer service, etc.
  • The Biggest Social Media Coverage
    With BuzzBundle, your social reach will go farther than anyone else's! That's because the social media management tool works with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, forums, blogs and more. They're constantly adding more networks and soon hope to add Yelp, Citysearch, YouTube, Vimeo, and Orkut!
  • Use New or Existing Profiles
    If you already have specific profiles on various social media networks, you can add your credentials to BuzzBundle one time and then never have to worry about signing in again. Or, you can use BuzzBundle to create all-new social profiles for you by auto-filling all the registration information.
  • Send Bulk Updates
    Do you normally copy and paste the same content into all of your different social accounts? No need to bother anymore. With BuzzBundle, you just write something once and then you can publish that same message to all of your accounts at once.
  • Flexible Content
    If you're worried that you won't have as much flexibility with your content through BuzzBundle, stop right there. You can use the interface to create just about any kind of message you'd like. Leave a comment, retweet someting, reply, send a private message, etc. You can even attach images to your posts, and use the built-in URL shortener for your links.
  • Manage Your Social Rep
    Curious how your brand or business is being thought of in the social sphere? You can use BuzzBundle to view reviews and recommendations that mention your product, as well as read and respond to any keyword you'd like.
  • Manage Your SEO 
    Social Media plays a big part these days in how your website ranks in search engines. With BuzzBundle, you can find all of your social media links, plus take a look at how your competitors are doing in social media.
  • Schedule Posts
    Have 10 things to say but don't want to spit them all out at once? You can actually schedule your posts, messages and announcements down to a specific day and time. 
  • Hide Your Location
    If you need a bit of privacy you can join conversations anonymously behind a proxy, so no one can determine your location.
  • Unlimited Access to Training Materials
    Your purchase of BuzzBundle gives you unlimited access to a comprehensive SEO guide, various online software manuals, help videos and tons more SEO and SMM-related resources.

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"Many similar products offer the ability to manage multiple users. However,with BuzzBundle, the real benefit is the ease in using whichever persona makes sense at the time. For instance, another highlighted feature is being able to schedule a post across a number of social networks. You can choose which person this message is coming from within the same screen—I feel this is a huge time saver. Schedule Tweets, Facebook, and Linkedin posts for the day from the CEO, Marketing Department, and other team members all at the same time. Fantastic time saver and ease of use." - Laura Cruz, Business Development Manager, Search Engine Journal

"Everything you need to know and do with your social networks can be seen from this single interface, compressing it all into columns. This is great for monitoring conversations and for replying using the right account at the right time in the right place. You don't need to keep logging in and out of the sites to respond. It is also possible to use BuzzBundle to schedule your status updates and replies. This comes in remarkably handy when you start looking at the ability to manage multiple accounts too." - John Chow, Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur, John Chow Dot Com

"BuzzBundle is a management tool for social media network accounts, currently having one of the most extensive coverage of the world's social sites. It can help you gain the widest outreach for your social networking efforts.  BuzzBundle is single software that lets you work on numerous accounts from many different social networking sites, may it be in Facebook, Twitter, or in various blogs. From a single, incredibly convenient workspace, the app allows you to register accounts, create new accounts, make new posts, schedule posts, and track keywords, all simultaneously. You can do that without having to log in and log out to different accounts." - Francisco Perez, Business consultant and online entrepreneur, iBlogZone


BuzzBundle normally sells for $199, but today's the LAST DAY to get this invaluable social media resource for just $67! That's two-thirds off the regular price!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download with instant license key generation.
  • The deal price includes 6 months of maintanence updates. When this period expires, the updates are offered on a paid basis.
  • This application is Java based and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Your name and email address will be sent to the vendor to generate your license key. You will also be automatically signed up for their product announcement emails.
  • Prompt and free Customer Service is included (requests are answered within 6 hours on average).
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