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Building And Selling A Niche Website From Scratch Video Course - only $19!

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Looking to create a website but not sure exactly where to start? Or maybe you have some ideas but don't know how to best organize yourself. You may even have some experience but just can't seem to get your project off the ground or find anyone willing to buy your website. Not to worry. As long as you have the drive and determination, you'll get there with just a little help.

With the Building and Selling a Niche Website from Scratch video course, you'll learn real-world tactics for not just getting your website up and running, but making it profitable and ultimately selling it! Taught by 23-year-old successful entrepreneur Tapha Ngum, this 3-hour course runs down everything from generating a site idea to working with freelancers to launching your site and making it profitable. You'll also get tips on how to sell your site on auction marketplaces and deal with website buyers. What's more, if you act fast, you can get this incredible Mighty Deal for 90% off the regular price!

Course Highlights:

  • Create and Sell a Successful Website
    This info-packed video course will show you the ropes of creating a popular and successful website from scratch. You'll learn how to hone in on a particular niche and draw in customers. You'll also learn how to take that site and sell it for a maximum profit!
  • 3 Hours of Video Instruction
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you access to 3 full hours of this invaluable course! Watch the lessons at your own pace, whenever and wherever you are. Watch and re-watch them as many times as you'd like!
  • Experienced Entrepreneur
    Building and Selling a Niche Website from Scratch was put together by a highly successful entrepreneur. Tapha Ngum builds and sells websites for a living and has decided to share his tips and tricks with the world.
  • Real-World Tactics
    This course isn't some stuffy old boring step-by-step tutorial, but rather a fantastic, real-world approach that works. Tapha shares his tried and true methods for building a business. You'll hear things like how he never hires Web designers who wear sunglasses in their profile pictures, and  how he consistently grew his site to high traffic levels without spending any ad dollars. 
  • Tackle the Mental Side of Entrepreneurship
    Building an actual website isn't hard from a technical standpoint. But from a mental one, it can be quite challenging. This course helps you identify and break through the most common roadblocks entrepreneurs face when trying to reach their goals.

Course Outline:

  • A Framework For Coming Up With Profitable Ideas
  • How To Decide Which Niche To Pursue
  • Finding Exceptional Freelancers
  • How To Work With Freelancers
  • How To Launch Your Website
  • How To Really Do SEO
  • Generating Sales: How To Get People To Actually Pull Out Their Credit Cards
  • How To Sell Your Website On An Auction Marketplace Like Flippa
  • How To Deal With Website Buyers (And Maximize Your Site Sale Price)


"This course was incredible, and I would recommend it to both experienced and beginner entrepreneurs. The thing that this course does so well is that it gives advice that can apply to businesses in any field. All too often, courses like this are only useful to those working near the same niche as the instructor. This course gives great general advice on entrepreneurship, as well as focused advice for dealing with niche-driven sites. The instructor is also very open about his mistakes, his successes, and some contrary-to-popular-opinion moments he had. Combine all of these aspects together with the willingness of the instructor to help those who take the class personally, and you have the kind of course Udemy was meant for; a true game-changer!" - Jacob Denham, Took The Course And Started A Niche Fantasy Sports Newsletter

"I am only part way through this course now but have already learned a fair bit. Well structured by someone who has done what they are preaching!" - Andrew Ritchie

"I really liked the way of thinking towards the building website and selling it and presented the things with live examples that makes clear understanding client and seller and developer all the viewpoint. The course directly talks about direct approach instead indirect relation." - Vinodkumar Beli, Technical Lead at IT Company

Example of Site Before:

Example of Site After:


Building and Selling a Niche Website From Scratch normally sells for $199, but for a limited time only, you can get this powerful video course for only $19! That's a spectacular savings of 90% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and take your first step onto the entrepreneurial road!

Deal terms:
  • After completing your purchase, you will receive a coupon code which will give you access to register for this course on the website.
  • The videos in this course are streaming (they are not downloadable). You will need an Internet connection to view the videos online.
  • You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, whenever you wish.
  • This course comes with a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • Membership is per person and is not transferrable.
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