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Build and Sell Mobile Game Apps using HTML5 - only $37!

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We live in the age of the app. Everybody loves them and everybody uses them. But not everyone knows how to build them!

Always wanted to make your own mobile game but never had the time or desire to really dive in and teach yourself? Then you need to meet Pablo Farias Navarro, a course instructor who will easily teach you how to build an HTML5 game for mobile phones. Before you know it, you'll be building and selling Apple iTunes apps using HTML5.

Interview with instructor, Pablo Farias Navarro:


  • 3 Hours of Video Instruction
    Using step-by-step video instruction, over the course of 3 hours, Pablo will teach you how to create your very first mobile app: a spaceship game. You'll also receive all necessary source files to be able to successfully create your app.
  • Additional Live Session with Pablo
    You'll also have access to a 2-hour live session with Pablo, where he'll answer any specific questions you may have. How's that for personal service?
  • Learn How to Sell Your App
    Besides learning how to create your HTML5 mobile game, Pablo will also offer you a special bonus guide to teach you how to sell your app in the Apple AppStore or Android store.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a game that works in all platforms.
  • Use touchscreen gestures in your games.
  • Create cool animations and transitions.
  • Add sound to your games.
  • Create your first spaceship game.
  • Use 2D physics in your games.
  • Transform your game to a native app using Appcelerator.
  • Sell your game through the App Stores.


This course package currently sells for $67, but for a limited time only, you can learn how to build and sell Mobile Apps using HTML5 for just $37! That's a 45% discount on the total package!

Deal terms:
  • 2 hours LIVE with Pablo for every class of 25 people.
  • This course uses 100% free tools and frameworks, so you do not need to purchase any software. You can be on Mac or Windows.
  • Your name and email address will be supplied to the vendor so that they can coordinate the live classes with you.
  • You can rewatch the videos online as often as you wish, with unlimited access.
Deal expired

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