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LAST DAY: Fantastic Auto-Typing App for Windows - only $11!

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Web designers save oodles of time in Photoshop courtesy of shortcuts. Using a combination of keys can save a few precious seconds from grabbing the mouse, finding the menu, and clicking on the right action. Over the course of a day, that can certainly add up. 

But what if you find yourself typing a lot of the same text? Whether it's replying to tons of customer service emails or writing up loads of content. Using Jitbit's innovative AutoText application, you can assign an abbreviation to any frequently used text snippet. It'll save you tons of time, while continuing to be polite and reponsive to your customers or colleagues.

Autotext Highlights:

  • Automatic Typing Software
    This incredibly useful program auto-types the same exact text snippet every single time you enter the associated abbreviation with your keyboard. Assign a keyword (abbreviation) to any snippet, phrase, or paragraph, and AutoText will automatically type the entire text out each time you use that abbreviation.
  • Simple to use
    Just type in a short abbreviation or keyword, and then associate it with a phrase. Everytime you type in that short keyword, AutoText will automatically replace your keyword with the full snippet of text.
  • Works in Any Program
    AutoText is so versatile, it works in any software! That goes for Notepad, MS Word, a Web Browser or whatever HTML editor you regularly use. It works in all word processors, text editors, email programs, and even online programs like Google Docs or GMail. 
  • Useful for Anyone
    While AutoText is a fantastic tool for individuals who work in customer support, sales, journalism, translations and programming, it's really invaluable to anyone who uses a computer keyboard.
  • Import Snippets from TextExpander
    If you're already using TextExpander on the Mac, but want a similar program for PCs, then AutoText is your answer. You can even import all of your snippets directly from TextExpander into AutoText.

Screenshot of AutoText Interface:


"AutoText is a great little program. It does exactly what it says efficiently and reliably without getting in the way. It makes reusing and organizing repetitive snippets of texts quick, simple and intuitive. It has no problems with Vista and it saves all your text in XML files that are easy to back up and process with other software." - T. Green, Germany

"Loved your tool. Our support team now saves hours of typing. Thanks." - James Brunker, US

"Great piece of software! I am a journalist and AutoText is SO helpful when you type a lot. Thanks." - Peter Goran, Croatia, Absolute Games magazine


The insanely useful auto-typing app Autotext normally sells for $23, but for a limited time only, you can get it for just $11! Hurry and save 50% off the regular price!

Deal terms:
  • After completing your purchase, you will your download and serial number instantly.
  • This is a Windows application only.
  • AutoText works with any Windows application.
  • AutoText is licensed "per person" not "per computer". You may install it on as many computers as you wish, provided that they are used by the same person.
Deal expired

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