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LAST DAY: Easily Create 3D Animated Text with Aurora3DAnimation - $24!

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Ever since Star Wars hit theaters decades ago, animated text has hit the mainstream full force. Whether you're working on your own movie, presentation or just want a fun animated logo for your website, creating animated text is fabulous design resource. It's also not as hard to pull off as you'd think.

With the Aurora3DAnimation for either Mac or PC, you can quickly and easily create professional animated text. This robust tool features roughly 4,000 different shapes to play with, as you add various animation styles to your project. Toss in dozens of pre-built templates, distortion effects, particle effects, dynamic backgrounds, and even separate bevel effects for your shape and text, and there's no telling how far you can take your animation!

And today's the LAST DAY that you can take advantage of this amazing Mighty Deal, and snag Aurora3DAnimation at a whopping 66% off the regular price!

Aurora3DAnimation Highlights:

  • Simple and Easy Text and Logo Animation
    Aurora3DAnimation is a truly robust tool to help you easily make 3D movie titles, intro text and logo animations! With its user-friendly control panel, you'll quickly and easily have your animation set up in no time!
  • Multiple Language Support
    Besides having unicode support for Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, Aurora 3D Animation Maker supports a number of languages. Animate up to 7 different languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
  • Total Control
    With Aurora3DAnimation, you have complete key-frame animation at your disposal. That means you'll use just one single timeline to control everything about your animation! The length, playback speed, you name it!
  • Manipulate in 3D
    With a hands-on 3D Manipulator, it's easy to control your object position, rotate and scale at the X/Y/Z axis. Simply drag a button in the lower right part of an object to pull out the text or shape you'd like. 
  • Multiple Animation Styles
    This killer software doesn't just give you one neat animation style to play with. Uh uh. You've got loads of animations in your toolbox to change things up at will. Each object can have tons of animations including rotate, swing, beat, fade, wave, pulse, and typewriter.
  • Make Your Own Shapes
    If you're really adventurous, you can even create your own shapes! With a freehand shape tool, just edit your shape any way you'd like. There's even a way to import an .SVG file to the canvas so you can the nodes of your shape.
  • Pre-Built Templates
    Looking to just dive right into the animation? Not a problem! Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you a large assortment of 3D title and logo templates so you can start animating in minutes!
  • Simple Style Changes
    Want to change an object's appearance super fast? Just pick your object and click the styles color button to instantly change things up!
  • Easy Shape Switch
    Curious what your object will look like in different shapes? Then simply swap it out! Select your shape and simply choose another one on the panel. It couldn't be easier!
  • Total Text Control
    What you say is pretty important in a logo or title, right? Well, you'll have a text editor to completely control your text, altering the depth, width, character spaces and more.
  • 3D Graphics Mode
    Even in 3D, there are plenty of options available. Changing up the style of your design can quickly alter the graphics mode. There's plenty of options at your fingertips including Borders, Board, Buttons, 2D and 3D text.
  • 4,000 Graphic Shapes
    You'll have access to the SVG shape library, text shape library and toolbox in order to grab a shape for your logo or title. That's roughly 4,000 shapes to choose from!
  • Separate Bevel Effects
    Not only can you change up the bevel for your shape and text, but you can do so separately. Try all sorts of different combinations to find the right approach for you.
  • Distortion Effects
    Add some real funkiness to your design with any number of distortions. You can distort your text and shape with effects like sector, heave, wave, curve, arch and sunken.
  • Light and Particle Effects
    Besides having complete control of all the light settings in your project, you can add a ton of fun, eye-catching effects to your animation. Choose from space radiation, snow, smoke, rain, fireworks, flames, and more.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds
    Need to use dynamic backgrounds with your project? Sweet! Aurora3DAnimation supports dynamic backgrounds, letting your background move, rotate and even automatically scale.
  • Render Size Settings
    Easily adjust the size, width and height of both your preview and export files.
  • Export Options
    There are a number of options available for exporting. You can export your animation to movie, GIF animation or Image Sequence, all of which can then easily be imported and edited in any other video editing software you have. You can also export your designs as PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and TGA files, all of which can then be imported and edited in various illustration applications.

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"Since I got the license key, I have absolutely no problem to use the program. A very great software and need to have for each graphic designer." - Stefan Weber

"This program looks very useful. I am definitely going to download and try it. Animation 3D looks very useful as well. It's amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered.Thanks!I just finished experimenting with 3D Animation Maker. Wow, I am very impressed!I exported one of the samples as an avi and am very pleased with the quality." - Don Goddard

"I wanted to tell you know how much I am enjoying your software. I bought the 3D text maker, now I bought the 3D animation maker. Both of these programs will make my video projects really stand out." - John Harvat


Aurora3DAnimation normally sells for $69.95, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get it for just $24! That's a huge 66% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and get animated today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, together with your serial number.
  • Your name and email address will be sent to the vendor to generate your registration details only.
  • Requires Mac OS 10.6 or later (compatible with Mavericks), Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
  • You are granted a perpetual license with the purchase of this software.
  • Licensed per user for non-concurrent use only.
  • Transfer of a license to another owned computer is permitted.
  • 30 day return policy.
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