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Build Your Own Apps (no code needed) - only $37!

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As a designer, it can be real frustrating at times. Sure you can handle Photoshop like the back of your hand but you just don't have the skills to make your designs actually function for users. Sometimes don't you just wish you could whip up the look and feel for an app and make it really work? Well, with App Press, you can do exactly that!

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App Press Highlights:

  • Just Like Photoshop for Apps
    Built with graphic designers in mind, App Press looks exactly like Photoshop and functions just like Keynote. So you'll already be real familiar with the tools you'll use to create an app.
  • Simple to Use
    Easy to install, you just use the Layout Editor to create various pages for your app. Then simply assign various touch-enabled functionality like linking to other pages in your app or on any website. There's absolutely no knowledge of programming necessary at all. You won't have to write a single line of code!
  • Access to Asset Library
    App Press actually comes with a number of free assets already built for your app. Things like buttons, backgrounds, headers, and footers. It's a great way to jump right in and quickly build an app without even designing any new pieces yourself. 
  • Plenty of Space
    You can link up your Dropbox account to your asset library, and eliminate the need to even upload anything to App Press. A Basic account begins with 100 MB of space for your library, while the Pro account lets you store up to 500MB!
  • Multiple Hotspots
    Designing your app is as easy as designing a web page. Once you're set with the look and feel, you can simply add touch navigation and functionality with hotposts. App Press offers three different types of hotspots which let you link up app pages, pull up web content, or integrate single-tap Twitter and Facebook sharing. 
  • Simple Submission to App Stores
    Once you've finished creating your app, you'll get the final .ipa or .apk files to submit your app directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Build Unlimited Apps
    With App Pro's Basic membership, you can build unlimited apps. Once you see how easy it is to create one, you won't be able to stop yourself.
  • App Press Previews App
    Instantly preview your app and any changes that you make on any device (iPhone, iPad or Android Phones or tablets) with the App Press Previewer app, which is available for free through the Apple App Store, Google Play as well as a web app. 

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Normally, 3 months of App Press' Basic Account would cost you $90, but for a limited time only, you can get 3 months for just $37! That's almost 60% off the regular price!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase to register for a 3 month Basic account at the App Press website.
  • App press is a subscription based service. Upon claiming the deal you will be required to enter your credit card information. You WILL NOT be billed until the 3 month deal has expired. You can cancel your account anytime.
  • View the App Press Terms and Service.
Deal expired

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