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Adelle Font (heavy and heavy italic) - 81% off!

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Adelle is not just a famous singer, but also the name of the super cool font that we have lined up for you today. If you need a contemporary, heavy font for your next project, check out Adelle Heavy & Heavy Italic. 

The concept behind Adelle was to develop a contemporary multi-purpose type family in the slab serif tradition. The entire family has fonts both for titling and text setting, making it a versatile addition to your type arsenal.

The italic is an important companion to the roman style, and structurally it’s a hybrid between a classical italic and an oblique. This means that certain letterforms change, such as the a, e, f, g, and y, but in- and out-strokes remain serif-like, connecting points aren’t very deep, and letter weight and width differ only slightly from the roman.

Through this exclusive, limited-time deal, you’ll get both for just $25! That’s more than 80% off the regular price of $130!

Adelle Heavy Poster

Other subtle details in the font include:

  • subtle breaking brackets between stem and serif, which helps tone down the general harshness common to other slab serifs
  • slab serifs are slightly angled, more similar to old-style serifs
  • unusual terminals on the “a” and “f” characters
  • semi-serif on the “k”
  • discretionary ligatures, uncommon in most slabs, which are reminiscent of old-style romans
  • semi-serifs in heavier weights

Adelle was conceived specifically for intensive editorial use, and its purpose and flexibility make it a real multi-purpose typeface. So don’t miss out on this great, limited-time deal!

Deal terms:
  • This deal is for Adelle Heavy and Adelle Heavy Italic only.
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase.
  • You will need to provide your name, email and address when registering to download the font on the TypeTogether website.
  • The font file is in .otf format, which can be installed on both Windows and Mac. 

You may:

  • Install this font on up to 5 computers in a single geographic location
  • Use it for commercial graphic design or advertising projects
  • Embed it in PDF files to send to the print bureau
  • Change the font format for internal use only

You may not:

  • Share the font files
  • Embed it on any software application
  • Resell it
  • Store it on a web server
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