The fantastic evolution of online deal platforms

Online deal sites have become a staple of the web. It seems like everyone uses them, whether they’re flash sale sites or group sale sites or something else entirely.

And deal sites have had a very interesting evolution over the years.

This infographic, presented by MightyDeals, shows the complete evolution of online deal platforms.

It covers both flash sale and groups sale sites, starting in 2001 and leading right into predictions for the near future. It even includes some suggested sites by niche.

  • Sasha@librtee

    How did they ever manage to build such an infographic without mentioning woot?

    • Mason

      Sasha, that was my first thought. As soon as I saw the title I immediately started looking for woot…

  • Mom Grocery

    The infographic by MightyDeals covers both flash sale and groups sale sites.Thanks for sharing.

  • Joomlasrilanka

    Thanks for the great deals, we just bought the wp deal, we will come back if stuff is good!

  • emarketing .

    Thanks for sharing these! Looks Great!

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