Win a brand new iPad

We’re running a nice competition over at our sister site WebdesignerDepot.

The winner will receive a brand ‘new iPad’ (3rd generation), 16GB WiFi model in their color choice of black or white.

Enter your email address in the field at the end of the post and press ‘submit’. By doing this, you will be automatically subscribed to the Webdesigner Depot and Mighty Deals newsletters. You must ensure that you remain subscribed at least for the duration of this contest, in order for your entry to qualify. You can also leave a comment below (optional).

Results will be announced on March 22nd. Enter to participate and you can walk away with a shiny new iPad!

Good luck to everyone!

  • Doris C

    This would be a great way to get the new iPad. And then I won’t need to justify buying one

  • 009887

    Your instructions are utterly confusing. The only “field at the end of this post” is this comment field. Do you mean the “Subscribe Me” field above the post? Cuz that would probably be the right one, but how should we know?

    • Walter

      It sounds like your browser is not showing the widget at the end of the post. You should see a field to enter your email address. You may have something disabled in your browser which is causing this not to show. Please use a different browser – preferably Safari or Chrome and you should see the field.

  • Liz H.

    An iPad would be awesome since I work for a nonprofit there are no funds for one and it would be a great help since I work on the web stuff. Thanks for the chance.

  • Alexia Sites

    Yay iPad. I want to win. Pick me! How about me! Me? Why yes, I’d love to win an iPad. Cheer! And thanks for a great website.

  • skorpyo

    I really want one…why shouldn’t I win one?! why?!

  • Graham

    Hey guys, is this competition open for existing subscribers too – or just new ones?

  • Yacine Mansouri


  • pnr status

    Nice information about the contest and sharing the content as well.Try to get the Ipod.Thanks for sharing.

  • Ronald Ho Hip

    oh? Hope I win..

  • Thaber3

    This site rocks. I always look forward to the daily posting..

  • Ronald Ho Hip

    so who won?

    Has been extended to April 15th

  • Ethan

    Who wouldn’t like a new iPad? I will use it to check all the new MightyDeals!

  • KathyJames

    I would love a new ipad I am already subscribed to the news letter does that count?

  • Mario Montoya

    Excelent! Good for new iPad development for htpp://

  • jawad

    Who’s gonna get it?

  • Studio

    WHO WON???

  • Alex

    and the winner is?

  • Carole Grose

    well what happened,and who won?It’s now well into May.Carole

  • Walter Apai

    The winner of the iPad is Roman Villareal from Austin, Texas.
    Check out the cool pic he sent us showing how happy he is to win! Congrats Roman! Your iPad will be on its way shortly!

  • Jeannedsouza

    Who do you think will win?

  • Jeanne Dsouza

    want to use it in my teaching profession

  • Dhmorris

    Why is this still up, since it is over?

    • mightydeals

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    • mightydeals

      The post is still live so that people can see who won.

  • Karl Wood

    Mighty Deals always stay ahead of the curve. Ive been working with Digital Media for almost 10 years and I dont use many other resources for staying ahead, having dropped my long-term subscription to Computer Arts Magazine. Love the prices but love the subjects even more.

  • Shara

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! As you can tell! I purchase from you once a week :) I am already subscribed but Ill do it again!

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