East coast vs. west coast designers

Ever wondered what the difference between east coast designers and west coast designers? How designers in New York or D.C. differ from their counterparts in LA or Seattle?

After all, we know all about the differences between east coast and west coast rap (and the rivalry that runs along with it). But who knew there was the same kind of divide among designers?

This infographic, prepared exclusively for MightyDeals, compares the two camps side by side. Get insight into differences by interest, style, concentration, education, pay scale, and more.

Which camp do you fall into? Do you fit the profile for the coast you live on? Let us know in the comments!

  • http://NewEvolutionDesigns.com/ Tom @NewEvolution

    Great color choices!

  • Nikia Chanel

    Awesome to see Bridgeport, CT included!

  • HasithaP

    Nice infographic..!!

  • AC

    Bridgeport?? Would have never thought.
    Love this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wmittelsteadt William Mittelsteadt

    I like it over all, I’m definately West Coast. I wonder though, if MN has one of the highest concentrations of designers, why isn’t Minneapolis/St. Paul one of the best cities for designers?

  • Jackie

    Im a mix of both. East Coast style with West coast attitude.

  • http://adrimarie.us Adrimarie

    I live in good ol’ Silicon Valley area and everything that describes “West Coast” is definitely me LOL. Except cats. I love cats. <3

  • Katie Rosebraugh

    Why do west coast designers have big ugly feet?

  • Kristen

    Really? West Coast designers wear flip flops, don’t brush their hair and live in their parent’s basements? Which source did you get that info from?

  • estevan

    That’s a pretty bad exaggeration of the west coast.

  • West Coast Design

    I don’t know any west coast designer that looks like that. In fact the ones I know are clean cut, workout, mostly vegetarian and dress very sharp. Seems to me that you must be an east coast designer with a little west coast jealousy. By the way…..it’s December and the weather is 72 degrees and sunny here. How you doing on the east coast over there?

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