About us

Daily Deals sites rule. We admit it, we love'em. We eat, sleep and breathe bargains! But there's only so many times you can save money on bartending classes. And are you really going to Adopt a Penguin? No? Not even if it's 50% off the regular price? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Instead, it got us craving a legitimate Daily Deals site that offered huge savings on products we'd actually want as web professionals. Products that we'd actually use on a regular basis. Since we couldn't find one, we decided to build it instead. And thus MightyDeals.com was born, a daily deals site dedicated to massive discounts for web and creative professionals.

Generally, our customers can save from 50% to 90% off on things like design tools (royalty-free vectors, PhotoShop actions, etc.), professional templates (WordPress, Drupal, Facebook), Mac toolkits, web development lessons and more. Our deals are professional products and services heavily discounted for a limited time.

We negotiate closely with some of the top creative providers out there to bring you the best possible prices on the design/programming tools you'll need. Almost all offers you see on MightyDeals.com are available exclusively on our site for a very limited time.

We're also strong believers in getting right to the point. Too many deal sites make you register or pay membership fees just to have access to their special offers. On Mighty Deals, there's none of that. Our site doesn't require any registration, nor are there any fees. Access to our unbelievable daily deals is free for everyone. You're certainly welcome to sign up for our free newsletter, though. In fact, we highly encourage it, so you can be kept in the loop on the latest Deals before they expire (and you also get access to free stuff!)

Curious about the fine folks behind the Daily Deals? It's no secret! MightyDeals.com is run and owned by the same great team behind Webdesigner Depot, an extremely popular blog for web designers managed by Walter Apai. Our website was designed by the uber-talented Claudiu Cioba and coded by the gang at Webdesigner Depot.

Looking to increase your company's exposure, ramp up sales and hit thousands of potential new customers? Then go ahead and submit a deal to us! Mighty Deals is always looking to partner up with innovative companies, to offer them a unique way to market their products and services to a savvy audience looking for great products at a great price.

We offer amazing and exclusive deals for web professionals. Sign up for free to get deals: